Sports Mobility Series: Lower Body (part II)



The Calf area is composed of Gastrocnemius and Medial Tibia Muscles.

(They originate at the knee and insert in to the Achilles Tendon and Calcaneus).

That area of your body will become extremely tight when you play a game or train because of the lack of Core strength: Why?

When your Core is weak and you play sports your nervous system MUST find balance trough the activities you perform.

If the Core is inefficient your body will shift all the work into your lower legs (calves and feet) because it is the first part of the body called to action when it comes to finding balance (of course because they are in contact with the ground).

⬇Now: how to get rid of the pain in that area when you play sports?⬇.

◾1: release that muscle like I do in the video (with a lacrosse ball).
◾2: work on your Core Strength.


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