How To Overcome Strength Plateaus

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Many field athletes train with simple programs for beginners like 5×5: they train big lifts like the back squat twice per week with the same protocol for a long period of time.

Usually they are really happy for the results but at some point they reach a plateau: they are not able to add more weight on the barbell.

⬇So here’s how to fix that fast⬇

this is your beginner linear program:
◾ Day 1: 5×5 back squat
◾ Day 2: 5×5 back squat
Every week add weight on the barbell untill you get stuck with your progress.

➡this is what you need to do when that happen:
◾ Day 1: build up to a new 5RM
◾ Day 2: 5×5 with 90% of your 5RM

If you want to learn how to use this type of program make sure you check out the short video I did on Instagram:

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