Functional Bodybuilding: The Landmine Press


Athletes need to train for strength and hypertrophy.

The traditional way of training does not seem to help them reach their full potential and athletes truly need to move and perform in a most efficient way possible.

Functional bodybuilding is one such training that focuses on the movement of the integrate upper, lower, and mid section of the body all in one exercise.

The combinations are plenty and these exercises enable athletes to activate different parts of their bodies while following one same movement. Combining functional bodybuilidng exercises can also result in a more fully understood sports performance point of view and saving time. But, remember that some traditional movements like squats and RDLs are not possible to be replaced because they represent a certain pillar of training.

I consider the Landmine Press one of the best functional bodybuilding movements.

The Landmine Press first highlights a push component in training. It goes in a direction that is not really common in strength training, but provides a good feeling to many athletes who suffer from shoulder pain.

The Landmine Press is performed with one arm only, which in turn creates a different core activation. Executing a traditional barbell press using both arms (which by the way is a great exercise) will only activate your core in a bilateral/uniform way. On the other hand, a single arm exercise is not only equally challenging but also has a huge impact on your obliques, otherwise described as your core muscles that are used a lot when playing sports.

Working with one arm at a time will help in fixing shoulders imbalance. If your right shoulder is weaker, performing single arm exercises for a few weeks using the same weight for each side will help rebalance the shoulders pretty fast.

The split component of the Landmine Press also trains and improves the hip flexors mobility, legs stability, and adds some extra core stress into the exercise.

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