About Me

Hi, I am Renato Bogina, founder and owner of The Movement Factory.

I am a Rugby Strength and Conditioning Coach currently working with the National Rugby Team of the Netherlands, as well as several pro-level Rugby Teams and Academies in the same country.

I have been coaching for a long time. Mostly for groups of professional rugby players, but also 1-on-1 with top level fighters.

Over the years I have always gotten exceptional results. Everywhere.

Besides giving workshops around the country and coaching professional athletes both on- and offline, I am still working on improving myself as a trainer every single day.

And that is the same I expect from my athletes: to work hard. Every single day.

Working Experience

Over the years I have worked with many top-level athletes and have worked 1-on-1 with many clients.

My working experience includes but is not limited to:

Team Coaching

  • Dutch National Rugby Team U21
  • Dutch National Rugby Team U18
  • Ascrum Rugby – Dutch Premier Rugby League

1-on-1 Coaching

  • 3+ Years 1-on-1 Coaching in several Gyms Worldwide
  • 100+ Athletes
  • 1-on-1 Online Coaching of Top-Level Athletes

Speaking and Conference Jobs

  • Keynote Speaker at Strength&Conditioning Related Workshops


The Movement Factory

The strength training industry can be confusing. So many workout programs and coaches that are popular for all the wrong reasons, while real results are lacking.

There is nothing I love more than to help serious athletes become more powerful, mobile, and explosive. That is what The Movement Factory is all about.

If you give me your dedication, I will give you everything you need to succeed as an athlete.

When I’m not working I like to dive in to strength&conditioning related research and learn more about every single aspect of my job. I sometimes feel more like a scientist rather than a strength coach.

However, the challenge of putting together what is complex information into simple output and create effective, simple training protocols is what motivates me to always keep learning and work deep into the night on many occasions.

Moreover, my main goal is to then make this knowledge available for every single person out there, in a straight-forward and applicable way.

So despite the complex nature of strength&conditioning work I do believe in a more simple way of explaining and approaching things. There is no reason at all to overly complicate things.

What works, works. What doesn’t, get’s cut. No matter how popular or fancy it is.

Online Coaching

Only for the most serious and dedicated athletes I am offering the option of Online Coaching.

In the internet world full of one-size-fits-all approaches my Online Coaching program will offer you an exceptional opportunity to grow as an athlete.

Please be aware that I am a very busy individual and I value your time the same as my own. If you are not sure if this is for you, please look into the other options I am offering first.

If you do feel you are serious and dedicated enough about your career, get in touch to see if there are currently any spots open.


All the best,

Interested in working together? Get in touch!