How to Increase Speed On The Field

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Med Ball Superset to Increase Speed On The Field.

I love small excercises like these that have such a big impact. In these videos I am performing a couple of reps of Med Ball excercises that can improve your Speed and Movement on the pitch drastically.

It is important you pay very close attention to how I am performing these techniques. For the lateral throw it’s important to try and ‘make it look good’. It has to be a fluid movement. If you are training together with a buddy he could also ‘pass’ you the ball.

When performing the Vertical Throw it’s all about extension. So when finishing the movement extend (exteeeeeend) your full body. If you’ve never done these before just watch the video a few times and really try and focus on every movement I’m making. One more time:

1st video ◾ Lateral Throw: to build fluid hip and learn hot relax/contract quickly the muscles ➡ super effective on improving cutting and chage of direction.

2nd video ◾Vertical Throw: to build a great triple extension without spending days and weeks learning the olympic lifts.

So how to implement this in your schedule? Here’s how:

➡superset those movements once a week for a total volume of 80 to 100 reps

The videos can be watched on Instagram right here:

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