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There is nothing I love more than to help serious athletes become more powerful, mobile, and explosive. That is what The Movement Factory is all about. If you give me your dedication, I will give you everything you need to succeed as an athlete.

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Monday Strength Part 3: The Back Squat

MONDAY STRENGTH PART 3: THE BACK SQUAT The back squat is the best exercise if developing anterior chain strength — and of course overall strength — is what you’re after. Top level teams recruit powerful athletes who are extremely capable to play at the best of their abilities. And to perform at the best of […]

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Short&Simple Training Protocols that WORK

SHORT & SIMPLE TRAININGS PROTOCOLS THAT WORK When it comes to selecting the best training program for yourself, especially if you are an athlete looking to improve your performance on the field, you should always try to choose something simple and effective at the same time. Competent coaches will be able to provide you with […]

Functional Bodybuilding: The Landmine Press

FUNCTIONAL BODYBUILDING: THE LANDMINE PRESS Athletes need to train for strength and hypertrophy. The traditional way of training does not seem to help them reach their full potential and athletes truly need to move and perform in a most efficient way possible. Functional bodybuilding is one such training that focuses on the movement of the […]

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Our Happy Customers


“Renato is a really Professional and Efficient trainer. He is very patient and gives great feedback on how to improve as an athlete. I would definitely recommend anyone to work with Renato and The Movement Factory.”

Pierre Mounal
RC Diok

“Very professional, explains the way of thinking and choice of exercises. Great addition to any type of athlete who wants to improve in his or her sport!”

Sebastiaan van Osch
Rugby Athlete

“Absolute top level. It becomes clear in every aspect of what Renato does he cares more about his work and the athlete than about any sort of financial gain. Always looking to develop himself to a higher level than the level he has already reached trough hard work and a constant pushing of his limits. The best!”

Hans Dekker
Alround Athlete

“Very good. Renato is very useful at giving individual advice for all your exercises. In that way it’s possible to use your full potential as an athlete. He’s also very open for questions and wants to talk about your goals.”

Bonheur van der Gronde
Rugby Athlete

“Renato listens first and then provides step by step guidance to build strength and stability. His passion and determination to support and help is clients is sincere, strict and inspiring. Good luck Renato you going places.”

Tahier Nanabhay
Surfing Athlete